What Does it Cost to Repair a Flat Commercial Roof?

Commercial flat roofs are notorious for being difficult and expensive to repair. But what does it actually cost to get a professional to take care of a roof leak or other issue? Roof repairs can vary significantly in price, depending on the size of the roof, the type of material, and the extent of the damage. So what can you expect to pay if you need to call in a pro? Read on for more information.

Common Causes of Roof Problems

Flat roofs are susceptible to various problems, including ponding water, leaks, and severe weather damage. Ponding water is one of the most common problems with commercial flat roofs. This happens when water pools on the roof and does not drain properly.

Over time, this can cause the roof to deteriorate and even collapse. Roof leaks are another common problem with commercial flat roofs. If not repaired promptly, leaks can cause extensive damage to the roof and the building itself. Severe weather can also cause damage to commercial flat roofs. High winds can tear off shingles or lift the entire roof, while hail can damage the roofing material.

How Often Do Commercial Flat Roofs Need Replacement?

Commercial flat roofs are generally made of either asphalt or tar, which are relatively inexpensive materials. However, these materials are also susceptible to weather and other elements. Asphalt roofs may need to be replaced every 15-20 years, while tar roofs may last 30-40 years. The cost to repair a commercial flat roof will depend on the type of damage, the size of the roof, and the materials used.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement: What is the Difference?

The difference between roof repair and roof replacement is simple. Roof repair is the process of fixing existing roofing problems, while roof replacement involves installing a new roof. Depending on the severity of the damage, either option may be appropriate. However, if your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, roof replacement may be the best option.

Factors Affecting the Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Cost of a Commercial Flat Roof

The cost of repairing or replacing a commercial roof depends on several factors, including the size and type of roof, the extent of the damage, the local labor market, and more. For example, a small roof with only a few damaged shingles can be repaired relatively quickly and cheaply. However, a large roof with significant damage will require more time and labor to repair, ultimately costing more money.

Moreover, emergency flat roof repairs will always cost more than scheduled repairs. That’s because emergency roof repairs are often required outside of regular business hours, which means that roofing contractors in NJ have to pay their workers overtime. In addition, emergency roof repairs often require materials that are not readily available, which can drive up the project’s cost.

Average Cost to Repair or Replace a Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial flat roof replacement costs can vary depending on the size of the roof and the intensity of the damage. For example, a small roof with only a few damaged shingles may cost as little as $200 to repair, while a large roof with extensive roof damage may cost as much as $5,000 or more. The average cost to repair a commercial flat roof is $1,500.


The cost of repairing a commercial flat roof can vary depending on the size and extent of the damage and the materials used in the repair. However, it is generally less expensive to repair a flat roof than to replace it. If you are experiencing problems with your commercial flat roof, contact NJ Roof Repair and book your appointment for a free roofing inspection and let them take care of your roofing problem before they become a nuisance.